Brennan Healing Science
Bath - Bristol

Couples Work

I work with Couples who are experiencing difficulties in their intimate relationships with each other. Very few relationships exist conflict-free and even when they do this can be sometimes an unhealthy dynamic where one person feels they have to 'keep the peace'. When this (one of our most important relationships) experiences problems, our health and happiness can feel compromised.
Although my work with couples is mainly talking therapy, it can be highly illuminating to work with Energy as a couple and to understand how energy fields interact with each other. For instance, in the midst of an argument both person's energy fields will be working in a characteristic way for that person. It is possible to change this dynamic and so ease the tension in the room and in the relationship. With understanding comes clarity and so ways to enable the situation to be changed.
Also I help couples to understand how their family backgrounds and relationships within their family's of origin may be influencing their current relationships. Learning how to communicate in a more constructive way and why arguments can escalate.

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