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What to expect in a session

Sessions are normally 75 - 90 minutes for the first session and 60 - 75 minutes follow up sessions, the first part of the session is for discussion about your personal and medical history and for assessment of your energy field. Then you will be asked to lie down face-up, fully clothed on a healing couch and I will place my hands in a series of positions both over and on your body. During the session you will usually go into a deeply relaxed state and you may feel a tingling sensation and warmth in your body. The number of sessions required varies, however, many clients respond very quickly - the effects can be life-changing. I work also therapeutically with the relationship between therapist and client, especially in longer-term work and working therapeutically in the here and now.

I offer Distant Healing if in-person sessions are not possible for you. I offer Skype or Telephone assessments followed by a Distant Healing, which is generally just as effective as in-person sessions. I then follow this up with e-mail or telephone contact.

'Susan's insight and support has helped me to learn more about myself and to have the courage to change and grow' M.D.

What to Expect in a Session. myhealingroom

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