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Bath - Bristol

'I want to thank you for all the work we did together. Physically, i really noticed changes particularly with my energy levels, I found the work enabled me to turn a corner with the long Covid. It was fascinating working with you.' M.A.

'I want to say a big thank you Susan for being so down to earth, supportive and enabling me to see my positive path more clearly. You've helped me a great deal. I have total faith in you as a very competent and effective healer. I would recommend you highly to anyone. J.T.

'Susan's compassion, wisdom and down-to-earth common sense when we have our sessions has supported me through various crises over 4 years. During healing I am able to relax deeply and explore whatever the session brings, safe in the reassuring knowledge that she is right beside me: I trust her completely. Her insight and support has helped me to learn about myself and to have the courage to change and grow and accept myself as a valuable person.' J.G.

'I initially visited Susan for help with understanding some physical symptoms that no- one could fix - they disappeared after one session with Susan and the session made so much sense to me that I now visit regularly just for a top-up. A healing session with Susan is like being wrapped up in a cocoon of sunlight - I leave feeling calm, in control of my life and as light as a feather' M.D.

'I first went to see Susan during a very low point in my life. I had no idea what to expect, but I found her very easy to talk to and she made me feel instantly at ease. I left each session feeling calm and relaxed, a feeling that usually stayed with me for days. Apart from making me feel better in general, I also learnt a lot from my sessions and this has helped me a great deal in day to day life. I have been 100% satisfied with the results!' J.Gingell

Susan is a wonderful and very experienced practitioner and healer. She has great empathy and sensitivity and I always feel held and supported by her.' A.L.

'I received healing from Susan for 18months and can truthfully say that it changed my life. Her encouragement, support and understanding were unfailing and enabled me to become so much more alive. I can only give her my heartfelt thanks. I unhesitatingly recommend her.' W.Abbott

'Thank you for the distant healing. I felt 'met' I would not have thought this kind of contact achievable in a distant healing. My knee has also felt much more stable, again I did not think this possible in a distant healing. I feel that the healings and your insights are helping me tremendously. A very big thank you.' Caroline

'The sessions I have had with Susan have been so valuable, so enriching and very transformative. She is able to facilitate an environment in which deep contact with self can be experienced. She creates a beautiful space in which I felt very 'held' and very safe. She is responsive to and honours individual needs and requirements. I highly recommend her.' P.Foster

'Susan, I am so glad to have found you, thank you for helping me. I feel wonderful changes coming along, the journey feels safer somehow now even though change and 'work' are still part of the process, it just feels different, hard to put the words to it. With much gratitude and appreciation.' Sheena

'Susan is a great facilitator making me comfortable and welcome' G.S.

'I enjoyed the small size of the group - it felt safe and warm - a good place to share' J.W.

'Susan has the capacity to help people feel valued and accepted' V.I.

'Our sessions together helped to give me the strength to better cope with my problems and I feel fundamentally improved in my physical and spiritual well-being.' J.G.

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